5 Things You Must Know About The Fitness Health Club You’re Thinking Of Joining – FITNESS HOME

There are many fitness health clubs around the country, but not all of them are equal to each other. Some are great with a great price; some have a high price but low quality, and everything in between.

Before choosing a fitness health club, there are certain things you must find out in order to stay happy and not waste your money.

1. Location – With today’s gas prices, location might be at the top of your list in terms of what qualities you’re looking for in a health club. Keep this in mind as you’re figuring out which place is the best for you. Also, understand that time has a price as well, so the farther you need to drive – the more money you’re wasting.

2. Exercise Equipment – Take a look around the facility and see what types of exercise equipment they have. At minimum they should have weights, a treadmill, and a recumbent or upright exercise bike. The best exercise bikes out there can often be found at fitness health clubs – so make sure they have a quality bike and other exercise equipment.

3. Atmosphere – Let’s face it. Some places are simply more comfortable than others. Before you ever think about joining a fitness health club, ask to spend a day there to see how you enjoy it. This is a place you’ll be going to relax, workout, and take care of yourself – so make sure you can do all those things before you purchase a membership.

4. Cost – This is obviously a very important part of choosing a health club. I recommend considering this last however. The reason is because you want to make sure you’re going to a place you’re going to want to go. If you don’t want to go there but are just making yourself go – it’s not going to work. My recommendation is to narrow it down to 2-3 places you’d like to go to, and then base it on price from there.

5. Hidden Fees – All other things considered, hidden fees may make you pay much more than you originally expected. These hidden fees consist of starting membership fees, monthly dues just for being there, cancellation fees, gas money, and paying for “extra” services that aren’t included in your regular membership fees.

Become skeptical at anything a worker tells you when you’re looking around and asking questions. Realize that they’re going to tell you whatever is necessary to join their fitness health club. Also, make sure you validate any claims they make. For example, if they tell you they have the best exercise bikes, check for yourself to see exactly what recumbent or upright exercise bike they have in the facility. Make sure they aren’t lying.

If you catch them lying about anything, leave immediately.

Another idea is to ask them for a free trial. For example, you could go there for 2 weeks without any payment. At the end of those 2 weeks they would charge you, but if you canceled before then – you wouldn’t pay a dime.

Starting a membership at a fitness health club is a great way to improve your health and have a little more “you” time. However, it’s necessary to do your homework before joining anywhere so you don’t waste your time or your money.