Diet Fitness Health – What’s It All About? – FITNESS HOME

When it comes to diet fitness health these three have plenty in common because when you combine good diet with fitness you get good health.

Of course when it comes to diet fitness health the opposite could be true as well. Poor diet plus poor fitness will mean poor health. And it’s all in your hands. Do you want to be strong and healthy and feel great or do you want to be sickly and feel horrible.

Whether you are 9 or 90 you can control your diet fitness health outcome. There are some very simple things you can do. Diet changes can be as simple as adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fresh is always a good choice providing you with the most nutritional value. You might also decide to reduce your saturated fast and eliminate Trans fats from your diet making your heart that much healthier.’

Diet is important to your overall health but if you are looking to loose a few pounds don’t make the mistake of cutting your calorie intake too much because what you will do is put your body into panic mode otherwise known as starvation mode which will then store those calories as fat. You want to reduce your calorie intake by no more than 500 calories to ensure that you are going to have an impact on your diet fitness health formula.

When you decide that a diet change is in order you must remember that it’s a two part formula diet fitness health. When you take care of the diet your next task is to take care of the fitness. Too many people get their workout from the television remote and too many people don’t realize just how easy it is to increase your fitness.

Diet fitness health is a three part formula. Once you improve your diet and decide to add a little fitness into your routine you’ll be on your way to health and all it takes is for you to get 30 minutes of walking in at a quick pace. That’s enough to get a good cardio workout for your heart and to burn a few extra calories – what a nice added bonus.

Now speaking of burning calories if you’ve got a few extra pounds that you want to get rid of turn up the heat just a little. Speed up on your walk, extend the period of time, or add some resistance exercise. The key here is burn more calories than you take in and when you consider the formula diet fitness health you can see how it plays into both elements.

The diet fitness health formula isn’t a new idea but what has happened is that our overall health is getting a lot more attention than it use to. Suddenly we don’t want to be overweight couch potatoes anymore. Rather we are much more interested in healthy diets and exercise which leads to fitness.